Terms of reference For the position of local researchers in Morocco

Terms of reference For the position of local researchers in Morocco

Terms of reference

For the position of a local researcher in Morocco

The Project:

Under the Innovation for Change MENA Hub’s objectives and provided the multiple restrictions imposed by MENA governments on internet freedom and the threats facing the activists and citizens’ digital rights on online platforms, 7amleh will conduct a regional mapping of digital rights in four countries in the MENA region (Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia). This mapping will serve as a base for joint advocacy to international technology companies and governments to uphold digital rights, in particular, the right to freedom of expression online. This research will build into the findings of the MENA Hub’s mapping on advocacy in the closing of civic spaces, this particular mapping will focus on the closing of civic space in the digital space. The mapping will culminate in the production of quantitative data on digital rights violations in the studied four countries as well as the formulation of policy and advocacy recommendations that 7amleh and the MENA Hub will engage in addressing following the completion of the mapping.

The research will be led by a regional researcher (referred to as lead researcher) and local researchers in each target country (Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia). It will include a review of digital rights in the Middle East and North Africa as well as a report of findings on governmental and technology companies’ policies and practices that impact digital rights in the targeted countries.

The local researcher in Morocco will be responsible for holding an online focus group event with 15 journalists and human rights defenders related to digital rights in Morocco as well as data collection on the country level.

  • The lead researcher will be in charge of compiling the collected data and providing the mapping methodology and structure.
  • The research will include recommendations to social media companies and civil society organizations, government, and the general public on how to address digital rights violations.
  • The research report will be published in English and Arabic and distributed among partners and online.

Expected Output from the local researchers :

  • Data collection on digital rights in Morocco.
  • Organizing an online focus group with 15 participants in Morocco.
  • Developing the focus groups reports

Expected Outcomes:

  • Engaging the MENA Hub in advocating for digital rights and raising awareness on the civic space restrictions happening on the internet.


Mapping on Digital Rights in the MENA region

Profile of Eligible local researchers:

  • Researcher must be from and living in Morocco.
  • Academic and scientific qualifications in digital rights, cybersecurity and the mentioned fields of the research
  • Proven experience in conducting and delivering research in digital rights, cybersecurity, online activism
  • Proficiency in Arabic and English

Application process: 

Interested candidates must include the following documents in their application by July 2nd, 2020 at the latest to: cor2@7amleh.org

– An updated resume highlighting academic qualifications and past experiences relevant  to the subject of this consultancy
– Samples and/or links of previously conducted research

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