MENA Hub Launch Update!

In the framework of the Innovation for Change Initiative, Youth Without Borders organized the first Middle East and North Africa Regional Forum entitled “Innovation for Change: A New Form of Partnership and Knowledge Sharing” from 18-20 July 2018 in Tunis, the participants were representatives of civil society organizations, social entrepreneurs and IT experts from the MENA region.The event was attended by 75 participants from 16 countries in the MENA region.

The launch of the Innovation for Change – MENA Hub, was announced on the sidelines of the event. This event, brought together participants from various fields from civil society organizations, as well as social entrepreneurs and IT experts, to work and collaborate with each other to innovate and find solutions to the challenges facing the MENA region, by creating a new way to share and exchange experiences and knowledge. In the future, the Innovation for Change – MENA Hub will work to establish an open and free civic space throughout the region so that borders will not be a barrier to Civil Society.

Following the opening session, the current activities being implemented by the incubators, Youth Without Borders in Tunisia, Jordan Partners in Jordan and SimSim – participation Citoyenne from Morocco, were presented. Thereafter, 14 topics were presented on the Speed Geeking method. During the afternoon session 9 parallel trainings were organized followed by a session dedicated to identifying the difficulties / problems / challenges for each training subject.

On Day 2, a session was devoted to formulating solutions to the difficulties / problems / challenges identified on Day One. After that, the nine parallel trainings continued and each group presented its work in the plenary session.

On the third and final day, 9 working groups were created to formulate action plans for the solutions discussed. The participants were then divided into working groups to exchange skills and knowledge on different topics. The Forum was finally evaluated by the participants and was concluded by Youth Without Borders and the Board of the MENA Hub.

Highlights from the event:

The future belongs to those who will work together and be humble to share, collaborate and support others. Here, the I4C community is growing and our solutions are developing- sustainability beyond donors, new ways of advocacy and campaigning and innovative approaches for knowledge sharing and collaboration.