Innovation for Change is a growing global network of people, online hubs and soon to open regional centres in Africa, Central Asia, East Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean and South Asia. These shared working spaces – both physical and virtual – are places where people and organizations can connect and exchange ideas, debate the challenges of today and create solutions that will shape tomorrow. Our networks spark collaborations within civil society as well as partnerships with social and technology businesses and academia.

Members of this interactive platform help power campaign and programme development by offering advisory services, education and training, convening and network building, fundraising, free online tools and support with technology product development. Continue reading to discover why you should become a member today.

Member Benefits

As a civil society member of Innovation for Change, you will have access to:

  • News and updates from other civil society members operating around the world;
  • Toolkits on innovation, campaigning, advocacy, and more developed by our members;
  • Opportunities to showcase you or your organization’s work and connect with others doing similar work;
  • Events calendar searchable by country, region, and theme;
  • Post alerts and create campaigns to mobilize members to support your urgent needs;
  • Career opportunities board; and
  • Secure individual and group messaging.

As a non-civil society member of Innovation for Change, you will have access to:

  • Information and updates publicly shared by civil society members operating around the world;
  • Campaigning tools;
  • Toolkits and trainings database; and
  • Opportunities to engage with regional and global network and hubs.

Security of the platform and our members is our top priority and the verification process may take up to 48 hours. If you have questions at any time, please contact our Support Team at support@innovationforchange.net.

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