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Innovation for change

Innovation for Change is a global network co-implemented by CIVICUS and running through seven Innovation Hubs around the world inspired by ideas, methods, and technologies from across sectors, to create solutions that drive positive social change.

Middle East and North Africa Hub

As part of the Innovation for Change (I4C)  global network, the Middle East and North Africa Hub was established in 2017 to be a network of people and organizations who connect, collaborate, interchange ideas, innovations, and resources, and learn together for a conjoint purpose of opening the Civic Space and overcome restrictions to civil freedoms of assembly, association, and speech in the MENA region.

Regional Success stories

  • Strong regional coverage and collaboration.
  • Regional implementation of national work plans.
  • Facilitated local discussions among activists, technologists, and entrepreneurs to pilot and scale up new approaches that improve the current state of civil society in the region. 
  • Networking and connecting like-minded organizations.
  • Successfully advocating to change 2 restrictive laws in Morocco and Mauritania


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I4C Themes

The Central Asia Hub is working to implement innovative ways to combat restrictions faced by civil society groups operating in the region and focuses on the following

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