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The Middle East and North Africa Hub

As part of the Innovation for Change (I4C) global network, the Middle East and North Africa Hub was established in 2017 to be a network of people and organizations who connect, collaborate, interchange ideas, innovations, and resources, and learn together. With vast country coverage throughout the region, The MENA Hub plays a critical role in joining efforts with network members to open the Civic Space and overcome restrictions to civil rights of assembly, association, and speech in the MENA region, through Advocacy, Digital security awareness, resourcing, and knowledge management.

Our Goals

  • To strengthen civil society policy advocacy capacity in leading policy advocacy efforts and for an improved civil society enabling environment in the MENA region.
  • Support activists, CSOs, and journalists and increase their capacity through the launch and curation of thematic Communities of Practice.
  • Develop a strengthened and collaborative community of CSOs with increased capacities in financial sustainability and monitoring good governance in the MENA region.




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Activities & Initiatives


I4C MENA Areas of Work

The Middle East and North Africa Hub works on civic space development in the region, and focuses on implementing projects, initiatives, and campaigns in the following areas:

Advocacy and Campaigning

Advocacy initiatives and campaigns, and identifying solutions that contribute to the opening of civic spaces.

Digital Security

Sustainable activism to expand digital and physical spaces for Civil Society resilience.

Sustainability and Civil Society Resourcing

A civil society-led innovation system for cross-sectoral collaboration.

Knowledge Management

Accelerated sustainable change by identifying relevant knowledge and tools to apply to open civic space.

Accountability and Transparency

Influence civil society narratives and hold power-holders accountable for keeping civic space open.

Our Team

Abdelghani Abdelghani

Technology Officer

Razan Nour

Communications & Network Development Officer

Hind El Younsi

Finance and Grants Officer

Mais Nimri

Regional Hub Coordinator

Rajae Boujnah

Regional Hub Manager

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