Study Day: Digital Privacy Law


Capacity building and raising awareness on data privacy and digital rights were cited among the most important recommendations delivered by participants of the digital rights focus group organized by the MENA Hub and 7amleh in January 2021. Building on these findings, SimSim and the MENA Hub will lead actions and initiatives in collaboration with the National Commission on Data Privacy (CNDP), 10 local CSOs, and 10 MPs to demand the amendment of law 09.08 covering data privacy in Morocco. To do so, SimSim will hold a 1-day in-person training in Rabat facilitated by the MENA Hub IT Officer on digital security best practices and the status of data privacy in Morocco for the benefit of 10 Parliament Members of the National Youth List and 10 local CSOs. Following the training, the participants will take part in 2 consultation meetings with a field expert to help craft a technical proposal that can be used to advocate for comprehensive legislation regarding data privacy in Morocco, including the addition of clauses in the event of a violation of a user’s privacy.

Activity civic goals


Narrative summary

Following the successful advocacy action that the MENA Hub and SimSim initiated for the adoption of the first Crowdfunding bill in Morocco in collaboration with Parliament Members, local Civil Society Organizations, and crowdfunding actors, the MENA Hub and SimSim will launch another advocacy campaign aimed at raising the awareness of parliament members and local CSOs working on policy advocacy in Morocco about digital rights and privacy issues and advocating for the adoption of an enhanced digital privacy legislation in Morocco.