Advocacy Resourcing – Campaign Accelerator MobLab

The MENA Hub collected, translated, and produced advocacy resources to serve as part of the space for sharing resources (tools, curriculums,…etc.), experiences, and collaboration opportunities among the CSOs in the region on the Innovation for Change Platform.


Translation of the Moblab Campaign Accelerator Toolkit to Arabic;  which is a collaborative planning process that blends tried and true strategy tools with the best of design thinking, lean start-up principles, and participatory approaches to problem-solving. to provide greater insight, innovation, and alignment, leading to greater campaign success.

Why is this innovative

Providing toolkits adapted to the MENA civil society needs including the latest tactics and trends while articulating how CSOs resource themselves. Sharing various resources that support sustainability and self capacity building with the partner organizations and hub members

Other tools

Design thinking

Problem solving innovative approaches