Communities of Practice, I4C Middle East and North Africa


Building on the successful implementation of the MENA Hub activities since 2017, the Hub partners and the Helper Hub teams started to form Communities of Practice (CoP). The CoP is one of the forms where best practices and innovations first emerge and where the solutions to shared problems are first identified. The MENA CoP is a regional group of the most active and committed participants who joined the Hub activities.

The Hub is determined to encourage, promote, and support CoP, especially in areas, processes, and functions where an edge in performance provides an added value that can support CSOs in closed and closing spaces. 


the establishment of the hub’s formed communities of practice scope of work through planning and co-design sessions, in addition to thematic action; these include

(1)  Civil Society Narratives and Civic space campaigning

(2) Alternative funding models for CSOs sustainability

(3)Gender and inclusion in civic space

(4) Technology, Digital Security, open Sources, and Internet freedom

(5) Finance

(6) Monitoring and Evaluation


To create communities of practice that are accessible, relevant, and integrated. To address these issues, regular meetings must be held to encourage collaboration among interested parties, allowing expertise to be strengthened, distributed, and more effectively translated into practice.

Why is this innovative

The COP bootcamp format merged the skill-share format with the CSII design thinking methodology in which allows members to join their assigned CoP to update the MENA civic space assessment in their thematic area, identify intervention opportunities, and develop strategic recommendations.

Other tools

CSII design thinking methodology