Climate Prospects Campaign – Implemented by the Continued Development for Women Capacities (CDWC)

The MENA Hub in partnership with GCHR, awarded a subgrant to the Continued Development for Women Capacities (CDWC), a local non-profit organization focused on building the capacities of women in various fields, including politics, democracy, climate change, and environmental issues, and advocacy to improve their social and political participation to conduct an advocacy campaign. The main goal of the campaign was to tackle the issue of attacks against climate activists in Iraq. The campaign concentrated on climate-induced displacement and encouraged authorities to halt attacks on peaceful climate activism protests. It also engaged in advocacy efforts to establish a national strategy that addresses and combats climate change through targeted engagements with policymakers, community leaders, and environmental experts. The campaign aimed to foster a broader understanding of the link between climate justice and human rights, urging authorities and armed groups not to retaliate against environmental activists or protesters.