Advocacy and Campaigning

Advocacy initiatives and campaigns, and identifying solutions that contribute to the opening of civic spaces.

In response to the shrinking state of the Civic Space in the MENA region, the restrictive laws and legislations affecting civil rights in the MENA region, Innovation for Change MENA works on developing and testing new digital advocacy and activism methodologies, piloting policy advocacy coalitions and campaigns aiming at enhancing civic space-related legislation throughout the MENA region, in addition to influencing policy and legislation – through collaborative efforts with its regional partners that have resulted in many successes including contributing to the passing of the first-ever crowdfunding law in Tunisia in 2020 and the amendment of the Moroccan crowdfunding bill through the formulation of 10 amendments adopted by the Moroccan parliament in January 2021.

Innovation for Change in the Middle East and North Africa focuses on supporting the region’s civil society environment by providing advocacy trainings, developing advocacy tools, resourcing local CSOs, and developing different innovative advocacy approaches.