Sustainability and Civil Society Resourcing

A civil society-led innovation system for cross-sectoral collaboration.

Civil society’s resilience has been compromised as civic spaces shrink in the MENA region in more complexity throughout the years. Yet all too often, the approaches to activating, mobilizing, and opening civic spaces, however passionate, are not sufficient if we hope to address the problems at the scale at which they exist.

Innovation for Change MENA Hub is leveraging its network, knowledge, and innovation to harness more and better resources for civic space actors.
The MENA Hub works to assist the civic space actors in the MENA region to sustain their operations and strengthen their resilience through facilitating cross-sector collaborations and coming up with innovations that address the unique challenges and opportunities to open civic spaces in the region. Partner collaborations through the I4C Network represent an opportunity for CSOs to work together and improve their processes, increase their impact, and maximize their access to necessary resources for their activities.