Training sessions

Providing qualified trainers to provide immediate response training to maintain civil society resilience in the region.

In response to the region’s civic space needs, I4C MENA creates training sessions that are tailored to improve individual and organizational skills and knowledge in digital security, sustainability, advocacy, and campaigning, via an immediate response training by professionally trained trainers in accordance with the requirements set to protect civil society resilience in the region.

As technology becomes increasingly fundamental to the work of many human rights defenders (HRDs) in the MENA region, digital threats have also increased to human rights defenders. I4C MENA launched pieces of training that addressed the digital risks, and ways for otherwise technologically proficient human rights defenders and CSOs to defend against these threats during the Digital Security Training for MENA Activists

As part of its work on digital security and freedoms in the region, training sessions can be done offline to maximize the learning experience, but online training sessions can have a larger reach and assist other activists and professionals in the region. Aman Raqmy 101, a free course, has been launched by I4C MENA on its website. a free course for Arabic-speaking activists, civil society activists, women human rights defenders, journalists, and the general public on its platform

As important as digital security is, in a region marked by various restrictions on CSOs and activists’ rights to freedom of association, speech, and assembly, as well as significant crackdowns on human rights, the need for meaningful and engaged advocacy capacity building to civil society and HRDs have emerged to reduce regional barriers and restrictions. I4C MENA launched a series of training aimed at equipping Hub members with the skills and know-how needed to engage in more effective advocacy efforts in the region and address the issue of civic space closings