Civil Society Sustainability

Strengthening civil society organizations’ ability to adapt to changes in public policy, governance, and legal and regulatory frameworks.

Using coherent and strategic techniques, empowering and maintaining civil society organizations and groups’ ability, competency, and resources through contributing to the sustainability and continuity of CSOs through Subgranting, innovative sharing economy resourcing technology and providing resources and connections.

Civil society in the (MENA) area is facing considerable challenges in funding its activities or campaigns. I4C MENA creates sub-granting opportunities that serve as a gateway for CSOs to get more funding and experience. Campaign Idol was created to inspire participants to put their training skills and knowledge into practice, and then small funding were provided to finance the execution of advocacy campaigns, local workshops, trainings, and roundtable talks on shutting civic spaces.

Another resourcing technique is the Sharing Economy, which is a means of distributing goods and services that differs from the typical paradigm of firms hiring staff and selling items to consumers. The MENATabadol is an I4C MENA Hub Sharing Economy platform that was built to be an inclusive and supportive online space and Sharing economy marketplace, composed of CSOs, Social startups, and Young Talents from the MENA region, the platform facilitates the promotion and exchange of services, products, experience, and knowledge among the Civil Society, and strengthens the users’ capacities and encourages dynamics that will enable Civic activism across the MENA region.

I4C MENA Hub focuses on alternative funding models by assisting CSOs in gaining a better understanding of innovative funding sources to help them achieve their goals by providing resources that map the landscape of digital money and policy framework in the MENA region, as well as a map report on the state of crowdfunding in the region.