Innovation & collaboration

Community contribution to the development of new innovations, tools, and processes to open civic spaces.

Through a collaborative innovation process in which partners and network members contribute to the creation of new technologies, tools, and procedures that might help the region’s common goal of expanding civic spaces and protecting civic space players.

After the 2021 I4C MENA Bootcamp, which was organized using innovative methods to strengthen regional activities and to codesign the upcoming two-year projects for the MENA Hub in the region alongside the region’s CSO members and Human Rights Activists, the I4C MENA CoP’s idea emerged to be implemented.

In collaboration with partners and the helper hub, developed Communities of Practice to inspire, promote, and foster innovation. The CoP is one of the forms where best practices and innovations first emerge and where the solutions to shared problems are first identified. The MENA CoP is a regional group of the Hub’s most active and dedicated members who joined Hub operations to support civic space actors, particularly in areas like processes, and functions where a competitive edge in performance might help CSOs in closed and closing spaces.

Through Codesigning future projects and insuring community contribution I4C MENA responds to regional demand launching Aman Raqmy 101, a free course on its platform for Arabic-speaking activists, civil society activists, women human rights defenders, and journalists, as well as the general public.